CoreShop Products Report

Products Report

Type Has Pagination
List Yes

Available Filters

Name Description
Store Filter by Store
Day Shortcut Filter by current Day
Month Shortcut Filter by current Month
Year Shortcut Filter by current Year
Day -1 Shortcut Filter by last Day
Month -1 Shortcut Filter by last Month
Year -1 Shortcut Filter by last Year
From Date to Start Filter
To Date to End Filter
Product Types Group Filter by Main Products, Variants, Container Products

Product Types

Name Description
Main Products Only show Products without Variant inclusion
Variants Only show Variant Product Types
Container Products Show Sum of Products and Child-Products. Note: Container Products are bounded to the original pimcore objects. The products will be ignored in this report, if those main-objects have been deleted!

Available Grid Fields

Name Description
Name Product Name
Order Count Amount of Order
Quantity Quantity
Sale Price Sale Price
Sales Amount of Sales
Profit Amount of Profit