CoreShop Variant Bundle

CoreShop Variant Bundle allows you to manage different Variants of a Product.


  composer require coreshop/variant-bundle

Adding required bundles to kernel

You need to enable the bundle inside the kernel.


// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundlesToCollection(BundleCollection $collection)
        new \CoreShop\Bundle\VariantBundle\CoreShopVariantBundle(),


Pimcore already supports variants. But it doesn't define what a Variant is, or how a variant differs from the Parent Product or other Variants.

In classical e-commerce scenarios, you usually have different Variation Types like Size and Color with different Values like XL or Red.

CoreShop describes these two types of entities as Group (CoreShop\Component\Variant\Model\AttributeGroupInterface) and Value (CoreShop\Component\Variant\Model\AttributeValueInterface

The "Product" itself than is a sort-of abstract entity that is used to define what Attribute Groups are allowed. The Pimcore Variants then, need to have the values of thse Groups filled.


  • AttributeGroup Color -AttributeValue Red -AttributeValue Blue

  • product (defines allowed groups for color)

    • variant-red (defines the AttributeValue Red in attributes)
    • variant-blue (defines the AttributeValue Blue in attributes)


CoreShop Variant Bundle does NOT come with a Installer for certain Resources it requires. That is on purpose and you need to manually install what you need.

Per Default, it comes with 3 different Classes:

  • CoreShopAttributeGroup
  • CoreShopAttributeColor
  • CoreShopAttributeValue

Whereas Color and Value are two Value types and Group is a Group type.

You can manually import the classes from this dir vendor/coreshop/variant-bundle/Resources/install/pimcore/classes

To create a "Product" Class, you need to implement the interface CoreShop\Component\Variant\Model\ProductVariantAwareInterface. The Class requires you to have these fields:

  • attributes - ManyToManyObjectRelation for CoreShopAttributeColor/CoreShopAttributeValue
  • allowedAttributeGroups - ManyToManyObjectRelation for CoreShopAttributeGroup
  • mainVariant - ManyToOneRelation for Product (eg. your Class where you implemented the interface)