CoreShop Vouchers

Info: In CoreShop Vouchers are Price Rules too. To use or generate Vouchers you need to add a Cart Price Rule.

How to create Vouchers

Simple create a new cart price rule and activate "Is Voucher Rule". With that, the "Voucher Codes" tab gets enabled.


Voucher Condition


If you need more control about handling Vouchers you need to add the "Voucher" Condition:

Name Description
Max. Usage per Code Define how often a voucher code can be used.
Allow only one Voucher per Code If checked, only one Voucher per Cart is allowed.

Voucher Codes


Within the "Voucher Codes" tab you're able to manage codes for the current price rule. It's also possible to export generated codes to csv file.

If you need more globally statistics about vouchers please use the voucher report.

Name Description
Code Generated voucher code
Creation Date Voucher creation date
Used If the Voucher has been used you'll see a true statement
Uses Amount of uses per code
Action It's possible to delete voucher codes as long they're not in use

Create Voucher Code

There are two ways to generate Codes:

Single Voucher Code

Create a single voucher code. The input field allows any string input, however if you already have added a code with the same string, you'll get a unique error message.

Voucher Codes Generator

This is the more advanced option to generate voucher codes:

Name Description
Amount Define how many voucher codes should be generated
Length Define the Voucher Code Length
Format Voucher Format. Possible Values: Alphanumeric, Alphabetic, Numeric
Prefix Define a prefix for each code. For example SHOP-
Suffix Define a suffix for each code. For example -SHOP
Hyphens all X characters Add a Dash (-) after every X character