CoreShop Index

To create a rich layered navigation (faceted navigation), you need to create an index of your Products.

Create a new Index

CoreShop currently supports two type of indexes:

  • Mysql
  • ~~Elasticsearch~~

Add Fields

To add a new field, simply drag'n'drop the field from the left tree to the right tree.

Index Fields

Field Properties

Every field has some properties that needs to be configured


Field Description
Key Pimcore Field Name
Name Name in the Index
Getter Class Getter Class is important for field-types like "Localized Fields", "Classification Store", "Object Brick" and "Field Collection". CoreShop needs it to get the right value for the index
Interpreter Using Interpreters helps you to transform values before they get stored in the index. For example: Resolving dependencies, create a similarity Index
Type Type of the field in the index, depends on which Index-Type you are using. MySql or Elasticsearch
Getter Config Configuration depends on Getter, for example: Language for Localized Fields


If you make changes to the index, you need to re-index all of your products. To do that, there is a CLI command.

$ php bin/console coreshop:index

If you don't want to re-index all of your indices, you can pass the corresponding IDs or names of the indices separated with a space as arguments to the CLI command. The following example will only re-index indices with IDs 1 and 2 and name "Products". If none of those indices exist, nothing will be re-indexed.

$ php bin/console coreshop:index 1 2 Products