CoreShop Fraction Digits

CoreShop allows you working with more than 2 digits for Currency Values. The default configuration looks like this:

    money_decimal_precision: 2
    money_decimal_factor: 100

money_decimal_precision: 2

Having a global precision of 2

money_decimal_factor: 100

Displaying Currency with a factor of 100 (in Pimcore Backend).

WARNING If you change these settings in an existing Installation with Orders/Products etc. you also have to create a migration to change all the values from a precision of 2 to your new setting.

In order to handle payment values with a precision of for example 4, we introduced a new Order Property called paymentTotal. Within a Payment, you cannot deal with a precision > 2, since a currency only has eg. 100 Cents. Therefore, we round the total Cart/Order value to a precision of 2 into the paymentTotal Value.

For example:

Your Cart/Order is "€ 1.000,5498", your payment total then is: "€ 1.000,55".

If you want to display the payment total in your cart, you can use this template:

{% if currency.convertAndFormat( != currency.convertAndFormat(cart.paymentTotal, 2, 100) %}
    <td class="text-right" colspan="3">	
        <strong>{{ 'coreshop.ui.payment_total'|trans }}:</strong>
    <td colspan="2" class="text-right cart-total-payment-price">
        {{ currency.convertAndFormat(cart.paymentTotal, 2, 100) }}
{% endif %}