CoreShop Customer Registration Types

By default, a customer needs to provide a unique and valid email address to pass a registration.

Register By Email

This is the default setting!

To switch to registration by a unique and valid email address, you need set the identifier:

    login_identifier: 'email'

Register By Username

First, you need to make sure your customer object provides a username field. By default, coreshop does not install this field to prevent unnecessary confusion. To implement the username field, just open your class editor and add a text field called username and you're good to go!

To switch to registration by a unique username, you need change the identifier:

    login_identifier: 'username'


Form (Frontend)

CoreShop comes with a preinstalled constraint which will tell your customer, if an email address or username - depending on your settings - is valid or not.

Backend / API

Plus, if you're going to update a customer by API or Backend, coreshop also checks if your customer entity has unique data.

Note: Both checks only apply to non-guest entities!