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Version: 4.0

Customer Management

In the dynamic and customer-centric world of eCommerce, effectively managing customer information is crucial. CoreShop offers a comprehensive system for handling customer data, ensuring that every aspect of customer interaction and management is streamlined and efficient.

Overview of Customer Management Features

CoreShop's customer management system is designed to handle various aspects of customer data, from basic information handling to more complex processes like customer registration and company extensions. Here’s an overview of the key features and functionalities:

  1. Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD): This section covers the fundamental operations for customer data management. It provides the necessary guidance on creating new customer profiles, reading existing customer information, updating customer details, and deleting customer records.

  2. Customer Context: Understanding the context in which customers interact with your store is vital. This part of the guide delves into how CoreShop determines the current customer context and how you can tailor this to meet specific requirements.

  3. Registration Service: The registration service is a crucial component of customer management, facilitating the process of customer sign-ups. This section explains how the service operates and how you can utilize it for efficient customer registrations.

  4. Registration Types: CoreShop supports various types of customer registrations, catering to different customer segments and needs. This section explores these types, offering insights into how they can be implemented and managed.

  5. Company Extension: For B2B operations, managing company-related customer data is essential. This part of the guide focuses on how CoreShop handles company extensions within customer profiles.

Tailoring Customer Management to Your Needs

Whether you're managing a B2C or B2B store, or a combination of both, CoreShop's customer management system provides the tools and flexibility needed to ensure that customer data is handled effectively and securely. By exploring each section, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how to optimize customer management for your CoreShop installation.