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Version: 4.0

User Documentation

Welcome to the CoreShop User Documentation! This section provides a comprehensive guide to get you started with CoreShop, covering various key aspects of the platform.

Quick Start Topics

Explore these topics to familiarize yourself with the CoreShop platform:

  1. Stores: Understanding the store setup in CoreShop.
  2. Settings: Configuration options for each store and system-wide settings.
  3. Price Rules: Comprehensive guide to pricing strategies.
  4. Localization: Managing geographical aspects.
  5. Shipping: Configuring shipping options and rules.
  6. Cart: Overview of cart functionalities.
  7. Order Management: Detailed guide on order processing.
  8. Catalog Management: Managing your product catalog.
  9. Inventory: Inventory management insights.
  10. Reports: Understanding reporting tools for data analysis.
  11. Automation: Automated processes in CoreShop.