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Version: 4.0


At the heart of any e-commerce store built on the Pimcore platform are its products. CoreShop offers a robust and versatile system for product management, designed to accommodate the diverse needs of modern e-commerce platforms.

Key Features of CoreShop Product Management

CoreShop’s product management system is equipped with a range of features to effectively handle various aspects of your e-commerce products:

  • Product Variants: Manage different variations of a product, such as size, color, or material, providing customers with a range of options.
  • Attributes and Specifications: Define and manage a wide array of product attributes to provide detailed information to your customers.
  • Product Images and Media: Easily upload and manage product images and other media, enhancing the visual appeal and informational value of your products.
  • Pricing and Stock Management: Set up flexible pricing strategies and keep track of inventory levels to ensure efficient stock management.
  • Categories and Collections: Organize products into categories and collections for easier navigation and discovery by customers.

Streamlined Product Handling

CoreShop’s intuitive interface allows for seamless management of products, ensuring that adding, updating, or removing products is straightforward and efficient.

Customization and Integration

With its flexible architecture, CoreShop enables extensive customization to meet specific business requirements and seamless integration with other modules and third-party systems.

Embracing these powerful features and capabilities will enhance your e-commerce store’s functionality, providing an enriched shopping experience for your customers and streamlined operations for your business.


CoreShop incorporates the Variant Bundle to effectively manage product variants. This bundle offers the tools and features needed to handle different versions of a product, such as size, color, or material variations.

For detailed information on using the Variant Bundle in CoreShop, refer to the Variant Bundle documentation.


Categories play a crucial role in CoreShop by helping you organize and structure the products in your e-commerce store on the Pimcore platform. They enable the creation of a hierarchical navigation system, enhancing the shopping experience by making it easy for customers to browse and find products.

Key Benefits of Using Categories

  • Improved Navigation: Categories facilitate a user-friendly and intuitive way for customers to navigate through different sections of your store.
  • Better Organization: They help in systematically categorizing products, making it easier for both store managers and customers to locate specific items.
  • Enhanced User Experience: A well-structured category system contributes to a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, encouraging customers to explore more products.