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Version: 4.0

Bundles Overview

CoreShop offers a suite of bundles that address various non-e-commerce specific functionalities. These bundles are versatile and can be utilized in any Pimcore installation, extending beyond the scope of typical e-commerce solutions.

Available Bundles

Explore the range of bundles provided by CoreShop, each designed to fulfill specific roles within your Pimcore installation:

Focus on Resource Bundle

One of CoreShop's primary objectives is to provide a flexible framework. The Resource Bundle is a foundational component that simplifies many common tasks:

  • Automates the creation of CRUD controllers (ResourceController).
  • Streamlines the generation of factories, repositories, routes, and resource controllers for CoreShop resources.

This bundle proves invaluable not only for CoreShop-specific functionalities but also for any Pimcore bundle, offering extensive utility across various applications. For more details on the Resource Bundle, click here.

These bundles collectively enhance the capabilities of your Pimcore installation, providing powerful tools to meet diverse requirements in a streamlined and efficient manner.