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Version: 4.0

eCommerce Tracking

CoreShop implements tracking for analytics and Google Tag Manager, integrating seamlessly as soon as Tag Manager or Analytics is enabled in Pimcore. By default, all ecommerce trackers are disabled and need to be manually activated.

Available Trackers

CoreShop supports a variety of trackers, including:

  • google-analytics-enhanced-ecommerce
  • google-analytics-universal-ecommerce
  • google-gtag-enhanced-ecommerce
  • google-gtm-classic-ecommerce
  • google-gtm-enhanced-ecommerce
  • matomo (piwik)

Enabling Trackers

To enable a specific tracker, modify the configuration as follows:

enabled: false
enabled: false
enabled: false
enabled: false
enabled: false
enabled: true

External Resources

For more information on these tracking methods:


Product Impression
Product View
Product Action Add from Cart
$this->get('coreshop.tracking.manager')->trackCartAdd($cart, $product);
Product Action Remove from Cart
$this->get('coreshop.tracking.manager')->trackCartRemove($cart, $product);
Checkout Step
$this->get('coreshop.tracking.manager')->trackCheckoutStep($cart, $stepIdentifier, $isFirstStep, $checkoutOption)
Checkout Complete

Adding a Custom Tracker

To add a custom tracker:

  1. Implement the interface CoreShop\Component\Tracking\Tracker\TrackerInterface.

  2. Register the tracker as a service:

class: AppBundle\Tracker\CustomTracker
parent: coreshop.tracking.tracker.ecommerce_tracker
- { name: coreshop.tracking.tracker, type: app-custom-tracker }

Google Tag Manager

CoreShop sends data to a dataLayer object for Google Tag Manager, which then submits the object to GTM.

GTM Classic eCommerce

In classic mode, only the order gets submitted when the user reaches the "thank-you" page.

GTM Enhanced eCommerce

For Google Tag Manager Enhanced eCommerce, there are six Impressions/Events:

  • Product Impression
  • Product Detail View
  • Checkout Step
  • Checkout Complete (Purchase)
  • Remove Item from Cart
  • Add Item to Cart

Each impression/event has specific configurations for GTM tagging, as outlined in the detailed tag config examples provided.