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Version: 4.0


Efficient and accurate shipping management is a critical component of any eCommerce operation. In CoreShop, shipping and shipping calculation are handled through a well-structured and flexible system, designed to cater to a wide range of shipping scenarios and requirements.

This guide is intended to walk you through the various aspects of shipping within the CoreShop framework, from the management of carriers to the application and customization of shipping rules. Whether you're setting up shipping for the first time or looking to refine your shipping strategies, this guide provides the necessary insights and instructions.

Key Components of Shipping Management

Here are the main areas covered in this guide:

  • Carriers: Discover how CoreShop manages carriers, including the creation, configuration, and management of different carriers. Learn about the various features and options available for handling carrier-related aspects of shipping.

  • Shipping Rules: Explore the world of shipping rules in CoreShop. This section delves into how you can define and apply shipping rules, which are essential for calculating shipping costs and determining shipping logistics based on various criteria such as destination, weight, and product type.