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Version: 4.0


CoreShop features a highly flexible payment management system, supporting a wide range of gateways (payment providers). It utilizes Payum, a payment abstraction library, to handle various aspects of payment processing, including capturing, refunding, and recurring payments.

Available Payment Gateways for CoreShop

CoreShop supports several payment gateways, each with its own set of features and capabilities:

NameStateLinkSupportOffsiteSupports Server-NotificationSupports Refund
HeidelpaystableGithubPayPal, Klarna Sofort, Credit CardNoYesNo
SaferPaystableGithubSupported Payment MethodsYesYesPartially
PostFinancestableGithubPostFinance Card, PostFinance E-Finance, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, JCB, PayPal, TWINTYesYesNo
PowerPaydevGithubinvoice, automatic credit checkNoNo (not required)No
CuraBilldevGithubinvoice, instalments via iframeNoNo (not required)No

Payment Model

Each payment in CoreShop, whether successful or failed, is represented by a payment model. This model contains essential information and a reference to the relevant order.

Creating a Payment Programmatically

To create a new payment method programmatically, use a factory and assign a unique code:

$payment = $this->container->get('coreshop.factory.payment')->createNew();



Additional Resources

For more information on payment integration and management in CoreShop: