CoreShop vs. eCommerce Framework

The idea behind CoreShop is totally different to the eCommerce framework. The eCommerce framework gives you skeleton for building eCommerce applications and heavily depends on you doing all the things.

CoreShop, on the other hand, comes full-featured with a rich toolset of optional Components which you can use, or not use, for your ecommerce Application. In other words: CoreShop is the framework on steroids :)

Feature Comparison

Feature eCommerce Framework CoreShop
Product Management
Product Restrictions X
Product Variants
Category Management
Customer Management X
Customer Address Management X
Localization X
Currency Management X
Country Management X
Payment Management
Supported Payment Providers
- Wirecard Qpay
- Wirecard Seamless
- Datatrans
- Klarna
- Recurring Payments
- PayPal Express X
- PayPal Pro Checkout X
- PayPal Pro Hosted X
- PayPal Masspay X
- PayPal Rest X
- Stripe.js X
- Stripe Checkout X
- Authorize.NET AIM X
- Be2Bill Credit Card X
- Be2Bill Offsite X
- Payex X
- Offline X
- Payum and Omnipay X
Voucher Codes
Catalog Price Rules
Product Specific Price Rules X
Product Facet Index
Multi Theme Supported X
Carrier Management X
Shipping Calculation X
Order Management
Order Workflow X
Order Invoice Generation X
Order Shipment Generation X
Quotes Management X
Reporting X
Multi Store/Tenant
eCommerce Tracking
Configurable Mail Rules X
Backend Functionality
- Country Management X
- Currency Management X
- Taxation Management X
- Taxation Management X
- Index Management X
- Filter Management X
- Order Management X (partial)
- Voucher Rules
- Price Rules
- Order Overview X (partial)
- Quote Overview X
- Order Detail X (partial)
- Quote Detail X
- Order Creation X
- Quote Creation X
Checkout Manager
Modular/Componentized X (partial)

To be fair, both Systems have their purpose and you can do the same with both systems. The ecommerce Framework is designed to be very good extendable but you still need to implement a lot of stuff yourself. CoreShop gives you a lot of out-of-the-box features to quickly create rich ecommerce systems.