Custom Price-Rule/Shipping-Rule/Notification-Rule Conditions

Adding Price-, Shipping- or Notification-Rule Conditions is the same for all of these types. They're only difference is the tag you use and Interface you need to implement for them.

Action Type Tag Interface/AbstractClass
Cart Price Rule coreshop.cart_price_rule.condition CoreShop\Component\Order\Cart\Rule\Condition\AbstractConditionChecker
Product Price Rule coreshop.product_price_rule.condition CoreShop\Component\Rule\Condition\ConditionCheckerInterface
Product Specific Price coreshop.product_specific_price_rule.condition CoreShop\Component\Rule\Condition\ConditionCheckerInterface
Shipping Rule coreshop.shipping_rule.condition CoreShop\Component\Shipping\Rule\Condition\CategoriesConditionChecker
Notification Rule coreshop.notification_rule.condition CoreShop\Component\Notification\Rule\Condition\AbstractConditionChecker

Example Adding a new Condition

Now, lets add a new Condition for Product Price Rules.

To do so, we first need to create a new class and implement the interface listed in the table above. For Product Price Rules, we need to use CoreShop\Component\Rule\Condition\ConditionCheckerInterface

namespace AppBundle\CoreShop;

final class CustomCondition implements \CoreShop\Component\Rule\Condition\ConditionCheckerInterface
    public function isValid($subject, array $configuration);
        //return true if valid, false if not
        return true;

We also need a FormType for the conditions configurations:

namespace AppBundle\Form\Type;

final class CustomConditionType extends AbstractType
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function buildForm(FormBuilderInterface $builder, array $options)
            ->add('some_value', TextType::class)

With configuration, comes a Javascript file as well:


coreshop.product.pricerule.conditions.custom = Class.create(coreshop.rules.conditions.abstract, {

    type: 'custom',

    getForm: function () {
        var some_value = 0;
        var me = this;

        if ( {
            some_value = / 100;

        var some_valueField = new Ext.form.NumberField({
            fieldLabel: t('custom'),
            name: 'some_value',
            value: some_value,
            decimalPrecision: 2

        this.form = new Ext.form.Panel({
            items: [

        return this.form;

Registering the Custom Condition to the Container and load the Javascript File

We now need to create our Service Definition for our Custom Condition:

    class: AppBundle\CoreShop\CustomCondition
      - { name: coreshop.product_price_rule.condition, type: custom, form-type: AppBundle\Form\Type\CustomConditionType }

and add this to your config.yml:

            custom_condition: '/bundles/app/pimcore/js/custom_condition.js'