CoreShop Cart Context

For CoreShop to determine the current cart it uses a concept called context and context resolver.

The Cart Context implements the Interface CoreShop\Component\Order\Context\CartContextInterface and is implemented in the Service coreshop.context.cart:

Getting the current Cart

If you want to get the current cart, you simply use the service:

$cartContext = $container->get('coreshop.context.cart');

// Get current cart, if none exists, it creates a new one
$cart = $cartContext->getCart();


Name Priority Description
FixedCartContext -100 Used for testing purposes or for backend order creation
SessionAndStoreBasedCartContext -555 Search for a valid session cart in given store context
CustomerAndStoreBasedCartContext -777 Search for a cart based on a customer. Note: This context only triggers after a user has been successfully logged in. It searches for the last available cart a user may has left.
CartContext -999 If all other context classes failed finally this context will create a fresh cart

Create a Custom Resolver

To register your context, you need to use the tag: coreshop.context.cart with an optional priority attribute.