CoreShop Shipping

Until Build 87

Shipping prices have been calculated using Ranges. Ranges can be defined by price or weight. Prices are defined using a Zone and a Range. For example (Range is defined as the total cart weight):

Range 0-100 100-400 400-1000 1000-10000
Europe 10 20 30 35
America 20 30 50 80
Asia 20 40 50 100

The shipping for Europe with a cart-weight of 150kg would be 20.


Since Build 88

Since Build 88 CoreShop uses "Shipping Rules". Within shipping rules you can define which conditions must be true for which actions. So for example:

Carrier "A" only delivers to Europe and only with a max-weight of 100kg. The price is 5€ + 10% fee.

Your Rule would now look like this: Condition

Your Action would look like this: Condition