CoreShop Filter

After creating the index, you can configure the Filters.

Create a new Filter

You can create different Filters for different Categories.

A filter exists of different settings, pre-conditions, filters and similar products.

You can even create Custom Filters

Filter Settings

Filter Settings

Field Description
Name Name of the Filter-Set
Index Which Index should be used
Order Order of the products
Order Key Order key (index-field) to sort from
Results per Page How many products should be displayed per page, you can use Shop Settings, or override it


Filter Pre-Conditions

You can define pre-filters for the index.


Filter Conditions

Here you can define different kind of filters. These filters will be displayed on the front-page for customers to find products.

CoreShop currently supports 4 types of filters:

  • Select
  • Multiselect
  • Range
  • Boolean

Select Condition

A select condition is basically just a simple dropdown field where customer can select one field.

Filter Condition Select

Multiselect Condition

A multi-select condition is basically a list of fields where customer can select multiple entries.

Filter Condition Select

Range Condition

A Range Condition is a slider of two ranges. The ranges are calculated automatically using MIN and MAX values.

Filter Condition Select

Boolean Condition

Boolean is a Condition where the customer can check different values.

Filter Condition Select