CoreShop Product Price Rules

CoreShop gives you the ability of very complex price calculation methods. Price Rules always consist of Conditions and Actions.

Price Rule Types

Catalog Price Rules

Checkout all available catalog price rules here

Catalog Price Rules are applied to multiple Products based on Conditions like Category or Manufacturer.

Specific Price Rules

Checkout all available specific price rules here

Specific Price Rules are applied to a single Product based on Conditions like Customer or Customer Group.

Extending Conditions and Actions

Template Helper

Get Formatted Price with all applied Rules

{% import '@CoreShopFrontend/Common/Macro/currency.html.twig' as currency %}
{% import '@CoreShopFrontend/Common/Macro/product_price.html.twig' as product_price %}

<div class="price">
    <span class="price-head">{{ 'coreshop.ui.price'|trans }}:</span>
    {{ product_price.display_product_price(product) }}
<div class="tax">
    {{ 'coreshop_product_tax_inc'|trans|format(product|coreshop_product_tax_rate) }} ({{ currency.convertAndFormat(product|coreshop_product_tax_amount) }})

Get Active Price Rules

{{ dump(product|coreshop_product_price_rules) }}