CoreShop Cart Processor

The Cart Processor takes care about refreshing the state and prices of carts for you. Everytime the persistCart function of the Cart-Manager is called on a Cart, it gets triggered and re-calculates the cart.

Following Processors are implemented by default:

These Processors calculate all necessary prices of the cart. If you need to extend the Cart and change calculations, you need to create a new Processor.

Creating a Cart Processor

A Cart Processor needs to implement the Interface CoreShop\Component\Order\Processor\CartProcessorInterface and registered into the container with the tag coreshop.cart_processor and a priority attribute.

Example of a Cart Processor

For example, we create a Cart Processor, which calculates a custom field in our Cart.


namespace AppBundle\CoreShop\Order\Cart\Processor;

use CoreShop\Component\Order\Model\CartInterface;
use CoreShop\Component\Order\Processor\CartProcessorInterface;

final class CustomCartProcessor implements CartProcessorInterface
    public function process(CartInterface $cart)

We now only need to register the class:

    class: AppBundle\CoreShop\Order\Cart\Processor\CustomCartProcessor
      - { name: coreshop.cart_processor, priority: 200 }

On every Cart Update, our service now gets called a the custom field gets a new unique id.