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Version: 4.0


Info: In CoreShop, vouchers are a type of Price Rule. To utilize or generate Vouchers, you need to create a Cart Price Rule.

How to Create Vouchers

To create a voucher, start by making a new cart price rule and activate the "Is Voucher Rule" option. This will enable the "Voucher Codes" tab.


Voucher Condition

For more control over Voucher handling, add the "Voucher" condition.


Max. Usage per CodeDefine the maximum usage for each voucher code.
Allow only one Voucher per CodeLimit to one voucher per cart if checked.

Voucher Codes

Manage your voucher codes in the "Voucher Codes" tab, where you can also export codes to a CSV file.


For global statistics about vouchers, refer to the voucher report.

CodeThe generated voucher code.
Creation DateThe date when the voucher was created.
UsedIndicates if the voucher has been used (true or false).
UsesThe number of times each code has been used.
ActionOption to delete codes not in use.

Creating Voucher Codes

There are two methods for generating voucher codes:

Single Voucher Code

Create an individual voucher code. Note that duplicate strings are not allowed and will trigger an error message.

Voucher Codes Generator

For bulk generation, use the Voucher Codes Generator:

AmountNumber of voucher codes to generate.
LengthLength of each voucher code.
FormatFormat of the code: Alphanumeric, Alphabetic, Numeric.
PrefixA prefix for each code, e.g., SHOP-.
SuffixA suffix for each code, e.g., -SHOP.
Hyphens every X charactersInserts a dash (-) after every X characters.