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Version: 4.0

Specific Price Rules Documentation

CoreShop's specific price rules enable a high level of flexibility in offering targeted discounts and special pricing for individual products or variants in your e-commerce store on the Pimcore platform. These rules can be tailored based on customer groups, currencies, or countries, ensuring precise application of discounts. This guide will assist you in the creation and management of specific price rules in CoreShop.

Specific Price Rules

Available Actions

You can use a variety of actions for setting specific prices:

Available Conditions

Design rules based on a range of conditions:

  • Customers: Target individual customers.
  • Customer Groups: Apply rules to specific customer groups.
  • Time Span: Restrict rules to a specific time period.
  • Countries: Limit to customers in certain countries.
  • Zones: Apply within designated zones.
  • Stores: Specific to certain stores.
  • Currencies: Target specific currencies.
  • Nested Rules: Combine multiple rules for layered pricing strategies.