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Version: 4.0


CoreShop Carriers play a pivotal role in the shipping process of the CoreShop e-commerce framework, enabling you to integrate various shipping providers like UPS, FedEx, or DHL. This guide outlines the steps for creating and managing carriers within the CoreShop environment on the Pimcore platform.

Creating a Carrier

Follow these steps to set up a new carrier:

  1. Access Admin Interface: Log in to the Pimcore admin interface.
  2. Navigate to Shipping: Go to the "CoreShop Menu" -> "Shipping" tab and select "Carriers."
  3. Add New Carrier: Click on "Add new" to initiate a new carrier setup.
  4. Configure Carrier: Enter the carrier's name and adjust the settings as required.

Carrier Configuration Options

Each carrier in CoreShop can be customized with various options:

  • Name: Assign a descriptive name (e.g., UPS, FedEx, or DHL).
  • Tracking URL: Provide a URL for tracking shipments.
  • Tax Rule Group: Select a tax rule group for applying taxes to shipping costs. This requires the prior setup of an appropriate tax rule group.
  • Shipping Rules: Define shipping costs and conditions. You can link multiple shipping rules with different priorities to determine the final shipping cost.


Carriers in CoreShop are essential for offering diverse and customized shipping options. Through careful configuration of carriers and their associated shipping rules, you can provide a seamless and efficient shipping experience, catering to various customer preferences and logistics requirements in your e-commerce store.