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Version: 4.0


CoreShop's settings are categorized into individual shop settings and overarching system settings. These configurations are crucial for tailoring the functionality and behavior of your e-commerce store.

Shop-Specific Settings

Each store in CoreShop can have its unique settings.


Base Settings

  • Catalog-Mode: Enable to view products without cart and checkout functionalities.
  • Guest-Checkout: Toggle the guest-checkout feature.

Customer Service Settings

  • Customer Email Documents: Define email templates for customer communication.
  • Contact Sales: Set default contacts for sales-related inquiries.
  • Contact Technology: Set default contacts for technology-related inquiries.

Stock Settings

  • Default Stock Behaviour: Set the general stock behavior for products.

Tax Settings

  • Validate VAT: Toggle VAT number validation for European countries.
  • Disable VAT for Base Country: Enable or disable VAT-Free shopping for eligible customers in the base country.
  • Taxation Address: Determine which address is used for taxation purposes.

Price Settings

  • Prices are gross prices: Specify whether prices entered in CoreShop include tax.

Shipping Settings

  • Free Shipping Options: Set conditions for free shipping based on weight or cart value.
  • Carrier Sort: Define the sorting order for carriers.

Product Settings

  • Default Image: Set a default image for products without images.
  • Number of days as new: Define the duration for marking a product as new.

Category Settings

  • Default Image: Set a default image for categories without images.

Invoice Settings

  • Invoice Creation: Set conditions for automatic invoice creation.
  • Invoice Number Formatting: Define prefixes and suffixes for order and invoice numbers.
  • WKHTMLTOPDF Parameters: Specify parameters for the WKHTMLTOPDF tool.

Mail Settings

  • Order Notification Emails: Define admin email addresses for order notifications.
  • Send OrderStates as BCC: Choose whether to send order-state emails to admin-emails.

Cart Settings

  • Automatic Cart Cleanup: Toggle the automatic cleanup of inactive and empty carts.