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Version: 4.0

Payment Distribution Report

The CoreShop Payment Distribution Report offers a detailed analysis of the various payment methods used in your e-commerce store. Presented as a pie chart, this report is essential for understanding customer payment preferences and optimizing your payment options.

Payment Distribution

Report Format

This report utilizes a pie chart format to provide a visual overview of payment distribution.

TypeHas Pagination
Pie ChartNo

Applying Filters for Detailed Insights

Customize your report using the following filters to focus on specific data points:

StoreFilter data by specific Store.
DayFilter for transactions on the current Day.
MonthFilter for transactions in the current Month.
YearFilter for transactions in the current Year.
Day -1Filter for transactions on the previous Day.
Month -1Filter for transactions in the previous Month.
Year -1Filter for transactions in the previous Year.
FromStart date for the filter period.
ToEnd date for the filter period.

Chart Field

The Payment Distribution Report includes the following field:

  • Payment Provider Distribution: This field visualizes the usage frequency of each payment provider, enabling you to assess which payment methods are most popular among your customers.