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Version: 4.0

Categories Report

The CoreShop Categories Report offers valuable insights into the performance of different product categories within your e-commerce store. This data can be instrumental in making informed decisions about inventory and marketing strategies.

Categories Report

Report Format

The Categories Report is displayed in a list format.

TypeHas Pagination

Applying Filters for Detailed Analysis

Customize the report for targeted insights using the following filters:

StoreFilter results by a specific Store.
DayFilter for the current Day.
MonthFilter for the current Month.
YearFilter for the current Year.
Day -1Filter for the previous Day.
Month -1Filter for the previous Month.
Year -1Filter for the previous Year.
FromStart date for the filter period.
ToEnd date for the filter period.

Key Grid Fields

The report includes several essential fields for comprehensive category analysis:

NameThe name of the product category.
Order CountTotal number of orders in the category.
QuantityTotal quantity of products sold in the category.
SalesTotal sales generated from the category.
ProfitTotal profit from the category.