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Version: 4.0

Abandoned Carts Report

The CoreShop Abandoned Carts Report is an essential tool for analyzing carts that were not converted into orders. This report helps identify potential issues in the sales process and opportunities for re-engaging customers.

Report Format

The report is presented in a list format with pagination enabled.

TypeHas Pagination

Applying Filters for Targeted Insights

Customize the report using various filters to focus on specific data:

StoreFilter carts by Store.
DayFilter for the current Day.
MonthFilter for the current Month.
YearFilter for the current Year.
Day -1Filter for the previous Day.
Month -1Filter for the previous Month.
Year -1Filter for the previous Year.
FromStart date for the filter period.
ToEnd date for the filter period.

Key Grid Fields

The report includes several crucial fields for detailed analysis:

Customer NameName of the customer (if available).
EmailCustomer's email address (if available).
Selected PaymentName of the payment method chosen.
Creation DateDate when the cart was created.
Modification DateDate when the cart was last modified.
Total number of items in the cart.
ActionOption to open the cart object for further review.