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Version: 4.0

Order Detail

The Order Detail section in CoreShop provides comprehensive information about individual orders, including their states, price overview, and other relevant details.

State and Price Overview

For an in-depth understanding of the order workflow process, refer to the Order Workflow documentation.

Key Information

  • Order Store: Indicates the store where the order was placed.
  • Total Order Amount: The complete amount for the order.

Order States

Main State

The primary state summarizing the overall status of the order.

newNewly placed order.
confirmedOrder successfully created.
cancelledOrder has been cancelled.
completeOrder is complete.

Payment State

Reflects the overall payment status of the order.

newNew payment initiated.
awaiting_paymentAwaiting payment confirmation.
partially_paidPartial payment received.
paidFull payment received.
cancelledPayment cancelled.
partially_refundedPartial refund processed.
refundedFull refund processed.

Shipment State

Indicates the shipping status of the order.

newNew shipment initiated.
cancelledShipment cancelled.
partially_shippedPartial shipment completed.
shippedFull shipment completed.

Invoice State

Summarizes the invoicing status of the order.

newNew invoice created.
cancelledInvoice cancelled.
partially_invoicedPartial invoicing completed.
invoicedFull invoicing completed.

Carrier and Payment Provider Information

  • Currency: The currency used for the order.
  • Total Weight: The cumulative weight of all order items.
  • Carrier: The shipping provider used.
  • Total Amount: The total amount for the order.

Additional Sections

  • Order History: Tracks changes in order states.
  • Payments: Details about payment transactions.
  • Shipments: Information on shipment progress.
  • Invoices: Records of invoicing.
  • Mail Correspondence: Log of emails related to the order.
  • Customer: Customer details.
  • Comments: Any comments or notes on the order.
  • Products: List of products included in the order.