CoreShop's Settings are divided into each "sub"-shop and some system settings.


Settings can be different for each Store.



  • Catalog-Mode: With catalog-mode enabled, the cart and checkout are disabled. Products can only be viewed.
  • Guest-Checkout: Enables or disables guest-checkout feature

Customer Service

  • Customer Email Document: Email document used to send customer messages
  • Customer Re Email Document: Email document used to send customer reply messages
  • Contact Email Document: Email document used to send contact messages
  • Contact Sales: Default contact used for sales messages
  • Contact Technology: Default contact used for technology messages


  • Default Stock Behaviour: Describes the default stock behaviour for products


  • Validate VAT: Describes if the VAT-Number for European Countries should be validated
  • Disable VAT for Base Country: Disable VAT-Free Shopping for Customers, with valid Vat-Number, in Base Country
  • Taxation Address: Describes witch address is responsibly for taxation


  • Prices are gross prices: Determines if entered prices in CoreShop are with or without tax included.


  • Free Shipping starts at weight: Describes free shipping at weight. It's also much faster using this than price-rules
  • Free Shipping starts at Currency: Describes free shipping at cart value. It's also much faster using this than price-rules
  • Carrier Sort: Describes how the Carriers should be sorted


  • Default Image: Defines an default image for products if no image is available.
  • Number of days as new: Defines the time of days a product is marked as new.


  • Default Image: Defines an default image for categories if no image is available.


  • Create Invoice for Orders: Defines if invoices are going to be created on an paid order.
  • Prefix: Prefix string for Order and Invoice numbers
  • Suffix: Suffix string for Orders and Invoice numbers.
  • WKHTMLTOPDF Parameters: Parameters which will be passed to WKHTMLTOPDF

Mail Settings

  • admin email-addresses to send order notification (CSV): Email addresses which will be notified on new orders
  • Send OrderStates as BCC to admin email-addresses: Determines if order-state emails should also be sent to admin-emails


  • Activate automatic cart cleanup: Activate automatic cart cleanup -> cleans inactive and empty carts

System - Settings

System Settings are defined one time for all shops.

System Settings

System Settings

  • Send Usagelog to CoreShop: Sends an anonymous usagelog to CoreShop Developer


  • Automatic Exchange Rates: Describes if exchange rates should be fetched automatically
  • Exchange Rate Provider: Describes which exchange rate provider should be used.