CoreShop Stores Theming

CoreShop Stores are designed to allow different Themes. Therefore you can have a true Multi-Store Environment with different Themes.


Let's create a new theme called sports:

  1. Create a store and type sports into the template field
  2. Create a folder called themes in the app/Resources directory
  3. Inside the themes directory create a new folder and name it sports
  4. Finally add a folder called CoreShopFrontendBundle inside your new theme directory

Every view request inside the given store context will search for a view file in the app/Resources/themes/sports/CoreShopFrontendBundle/* directory.

So for example you want to have a different homepage you will need to create a file: app/Resources/themes/sports/CoreShopFrontendBundle/index/index.html.twig.

When the customer then visits your website on store sports, CoreShop will load the new index.html.twig file.