CoreShop Documentation

This documentation section provides all information you need to use the CoreShop - Pimcore eCommerce Framework

We've aimed this part of the documentation at a developer's audience.

CoreShop provides a fully flexible and extendable eCommerce Solution for Pimcore. If you want to know more about Pimcore, please visit

Documentation Overview

The Core Framework documentation is divided into three sections that aim to guide the reader through its first use of the platform:

  • See the Getting Started section for an overview and information about the installation process.
  • See the Bundles section for details about the different Bundles CoreShop provides.
  • See the User Documentation section for documentation configuration of CoreShop.
  • See the Development section for documentation about developing with CoreShop.

Additional resources for getting started with CoreShop

  • CoreShop Demo: See CoreShop in action and also use it as a blueprint application for your own implementations.

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