CoreShop Order Number Generator

When an order is completed, a number is generated for that order. This happens at the CoreShop\Component\Core\Order\Committer\OrderCommitter, which uses a NumberGeneratorInterface service.

If the CoreBundle is installed, the coreshop.order.number_generator.prefix_suffix service is injected. It decorates the coreshop.order.number_generator.default and extends it with the feature to manage a prefix and suffix via the CoreShop settings.

To create a custom number generator, a service must be created which also decorates the coreshop.order.number_generator.default. To set the order of the decorations, use decoration_priority.

Choosing decoration_priority higher or equal zero, the order of called decoraters would be PrefixSuffix Generator > CustomNumberGenerator > DefaultSequenceGenerator. If you choose a decoration_priority below zero, the order of called decoraters would change to CustomNumberGenerator > PrefixSuffix Generator > DefaultSequenceGenerator.

Example for custom implementation of NumberGenerator, that adds padding to the number

final class CustomNumberGenerator implements NumberGeneratorInterface
    public function __construct(
        private NumberGeneratorInterface $numberGenerator, # decorated service
    ) {

    public function generate(ResourceInterface $model): string
        $number = $this->numberGenerator->generate($model);

        return str_pad($number, 10, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT);

Symfony service definition

    decorates: coreshop.order.number_generator.default
    decoration_priority: 1
      - '@.inner'