CoreShop Stores

Every CoreShop Installation is bounded to a default Store. By default a store is connected with a pimcore Site.


Domain based Store

This is CoreShops default behaviour. One store for your default page, which is also your default store. If you have multiple Domains it's possible to add a store to each domain.

Tip: Learn more about pimcore multi sites: Pimcore Sites

Custom Store Locator

Sometimes you have just one site installation but you want do use different Stores. Example: /de-at should use a austrian store and /de-de a german one. For that you need to build a custom store locator to do so, checkout the dev section to find out how this can be achieved.

Configure CoreShop Stores

Open CoreShop Menu -> "Stores". There should be already a default store, connected to your default (main-domain) site. To create a new store, click on the "Add" button. Proceed wih configuring your new store.


Stores can be used in many ways, checkout the examples to find out which solution suits you most.

Example 1: Global Store

Use a Store to handle multiple currencies, countries and tax calculations. Depending on your product and price strategy, it's possible to use it within one store.

Example 2: Country Store

Use a Store for each Country. This allows you to restrict your shop within a country context.