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Version: 4.0


CoreShop is an open-source (GPL license) eCommerce solution, maintained and financed by CoreShop GmbH. It benefits from a diverse community of developers and companies contributing to its development.

Core Values and Distinctions

CoreShop stands out for its:

  • Components-Based Approach: Offering modularity and flexibility.
  • Unlimited Flexibility and Customization: Easily tailored to specific needs.
  • Developer-Friendly: Incorporates the latest technologies.
  • High-Quality Code: Focus on robust and reliable coding practices.

The Three Natures of CoreShop

CoreShop combines three distinct elements:

  1. Decoupled eCommerce Components: Written in PHP for flexibility.
  2. Symfony Bundles: Integrating components into the full-stack Symfony framework.
  3. Complete eCommerce Suite: A cohesive solution crafted from these building blocks.

CoreShop can be utilized in various ways: as standalone components in any framework, as bundles in a new or existing Pimcore application, or as a full-stack suite.

CoreShop Suite

This documentation focuses on the CoreShop full-stack eCommerce suite. As a standard Pimcore Bundle, it provides the foundation for common webshop functionality and custom systems.

Leveraging Symfony Bundles

For custom systems built from scratch, CoreShop's standalone Symfony bundles can be integrated into your project. Installation instructions are available in each bundle's documentation.

Difference to the Official Pimcore eCommerce Framework

While the Pimcore eCommerce Framework offers a basic toolset for eCommerce development, CoreShop extends this with a feature-rich set of tools for complex and rich eCommerce solutions.

Example I: The Framework does not fully support complex shipping price calculations. This requires custom coding. CoreShop, however, includes Carriers and Shipping Rules for such functionality.

CoreShop's bundles are designed for individual use, with the CoreBundle combining all features for a comprehensive solution.

Architecture Overview

CoreShop Suite is built upon CoreShop Components and Bundles. The CoreBundle and CoreComponent unify these elements into a cohesive eCommerce Suite for both B2B and B2C solutions.