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Version: 4.0

Variant Bundle

The CoreShop Variant Bundle provides a robust framework for managing different variants of a product in your e-commerce application.

Installation Process

To install the Variant Bundle, use Composer:

composer require coreshop/variant-bundle:^4.0

Integrating with the Kernel

Enable the bundle in the kernel by updating the AppKernel.php file:


// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundlesToCollection(BundleCollection $collection)
new \CoreShop\Bundle\VariantBundle\CoreShopVariantBundle(),


Pimcore supports variants but does not define the specifics of what a variant is or how it differs from the parent product or other variants. CoreShop addresses this by introducing two entities:

  1. Attribute Group (CoreShop\Component\Variant\Model\AttributeGroupInterface): Defines types like size or color.
  2. Attribute Value (CoreShop\Component\Variant\Model\AttributeValueInterface): Represents values like XL or Red.

The product is an abstract entity specifying the allowed attribute groups, with its variants needing to have these group values filled.


  • AttributeGroup Color: Contains AttributeValue Red and AttributeValue Blue.
  • Product: Defines allowed groups for color.
    • Variant-Red: Defines the AttributeValue Red in attributes.
    • Variant-Blue: Defines the AttributeValue Blue in attributes.


Class Installation

The Variant Bundle does not come with an installer for required resources. You need to install what you need manually. By default, it includes three classes:

  • CoreShopAttributeGroup
  • CoreShopAttributeColor
  • CoreShopAttributeValue

The classes Color and Value represent value types, while Group is a group type. Manually import the classes from vendor/coreshop/variant-bundle/Resources/install/pimcore/classes.

Creating a "Product" Class

Implement the CoreShop\Component\Variant\Model\ProductVariantAwareInterface for your "Product" class. It should include these fields:

  • attributes: ManyToManyObjectRelation for CoreShopAttributeColor/CoreShopAttributeValue.
  • allowedAttributeGroups: ManyToManyObjectRelation for CoreShopAttributeGroup.
  • mainVariant: ManyToOneRelation for Product (i.e., your class implementing the interface).

The Variant Bundle significantly enhances the flexibility of product management in CoreShop, allowing for detailed and diverse product variant configurations.