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Version: 4.0

Index Bundle

The Index Bundle integrates the Index Component into Symfony and Doctrine, offering tools for indexing Pimcore models, managing filters, and creating conditions. It includes ListingServices and FilterServices.

Installation Process

To install the bundle, use Composer:

$ composer require coreshop/index-bundle:^4.0

Integrating with the Kernel

Enable the bundle in the kernel by updating the AppKernel.php file:


// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundlesToCollection(BundleCollection $collection)
new \CoreShop\Bundle\IndexBundle\CoreShopIndexBundle(),

Updating the Database Schema

Update the database schema with the following command:

$ php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force

Usage Guidelines

Creating an Indexable Class

Define a class that implements the CoreShop\Component\Index\Model\IndexableInterface interface:



namespace App\Model;

use CoreShop\Component\Index\Model\IndexableInterface;

class MyPimcoreDataObject implements IndexableInterface
// Defines if the Indexable is enabled for the given Index
public function getIndexableEnabled(IndexInterface $index): bool
return true;

// Defines if the Indexable should be indexed for the given Index
public function getIndexable(IndexInterface $index): bool
return true;

// Defines the name of the Indexable for the given Index and Language
public function getIndexableName(IndexInterface $index, string $language): ?string
return $this->getName($language);

Ensure that App\Model\MyPimcoreDataObject is set as your parent class for your Pimcore Data-Object.

Retrieving Listings from an Index

Fetch a listing from an index:

$filter = $this->get('coreshop.repository.filter')->find(1); // Get Filter by ID 1
$filteredList = $this->get('coreshop.factory.filter.list')->createList($filter, $request->request);
$this->get('coreshop.filter.processor')->processConditions($filter, $filteredList, $request->query);

This Index Bundle is crucial for managing indexing and filtering of data within CoreShop, ensuring efficient data handling and retrieval.