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Version: 4.1

Extending CoreShop

Welcome to the Extending Guide for CoreShop. This guide is an essential resource for developers looking to tailor CoreShop to their specific business needs. CoreShop's architecture is built with extensibility in mind, allowing for seamless integration and customization of its components. Whether you're extending resources, forms, data objects, or rule actions and conditions, this guide provides you with the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance and adapt CoreShop functionalities.

Extending CoreShop Resources

CoreShop leverages Doctrine ORM for managing its resources, offering a robust and flexible way to extend these models. Learn how to add new fields, change relationships, or modify resource behaviors to suit your specific requirements.

Customizing CoreShop Forms

Forms are a critical part of any eCommerce platform, and CoreShop provides the ability to customize them to capture the exact data you need. Discover techniques for adding new form fields, adjusting validations, or altering form layouts to improve user experience and data collection.

Extending Data Objects

Data objects in CoreShop are central to managing product information, customer data, and more. This section covers how to extend these Pimcore data objects, enabling you to add custom attributes, change object behaviors, or integrate with external systems.

Rule Actions and Conditions

CoreShop's rule engine is powerful and versatile. Extending rule actions and conditions opens up possibilities for creating complex, tailored rules that align with your unique business logic. Whether it's pricing rules, discount conditions, or shipping calculations, learn how to craft custom rules that fit your business model perfectly.