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Version: 4.1


Pimcore Backend

To configure the bundle:

  1. Go to the Backend Settings in Pimcore and navigate to CoreShop > Document Routes.
  2. Create a new document route by clicking the + button at the top corner.

Document Routes

This configuration allows you to link a Symfony Route Name, like “homepage,” with Pimcore Documents. For example, the route “homepage” can be linked to “/en” for English.

The Bundle supports Multi-Site and Multi-Language setups.

Usage in Twig or PHP

In Twig or PHP, use the route as shown below:

<div class="mb-3">
{% set doc = document_route_document('homepage') %}

{% if doc %}
Document Route Demo ({{ '{{ path(\'homepage\') }}' }}): {{ path('homepage') }} (ID: {{ }})
{% endif %}

NOTE: Using path('homepage') without a valid configuration will result in a RouteNotFoundException. The Twig Helper coreshop_route_document will return null if the route is not configured.